You are much better at math than you think

Two math problems that require the exact same logic to solve. However, one is very easy and the other one is hard. Why?

Math and OCD: My story with the Thue-Morse sequence

A particular sequence that I was obsessed with as a child, and one of its many interesting properties regarding sums of powers of integers.

Geometric series and my Irish heritage

A very nice property of geometric sums, and how that makes me 1/3 Irish.

Bayes theorem, false positives, and why I’m terrified to go to the doctor

An interesting and surprising application of Bayes theorem that calculates how effective a medical test is.


The down operator and expansions of near rectangular k-Schur functions

At KAIST in South Korea. In here we present a pair of Fomin dual graded graphs for k-cores, and develop expansions of k-Schur functions from k-Grassmannian permutations.

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