Math and OCD: My story with the Thue-Morse sequence

In this video I show a particular sequence that I was obsessed with as a child, and one of its many interesting properties regarding sums of powers of integers.

Geometric series and my Irish heritage

In this video I show a very nice property of geometric sums, and how that makes me 1/3 Irish.

Bayes theorem, false positives, and why I’m terrified to go to the doctor

In this video I show an interesting and surprising application of Bayes theorem that calculates how effective a medical test is.


The down operator and expansions of near rectangular k-Schur functions

At KAIST in South Korea. In here we present a pair of Fomin dual graded graphs for k-cores, and develop expansions of k-Schur functions from k-Grassmannian permutations.

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